People have continued to say to us, “Kelly and Shannon I want to own a Core 95” and while in our heart we feel there is only one Core 95. We do recognize that Long Beach, N.Y is not the only place that can benefit from our experience and systematic workout in a 95-degree room.

So what would it take?

One of the most important things is that it takes a truly dedicated person to keep a fitness studio vibrant and running smoothly – there is just no way around that - and that person is going to have to work very hard to achieve this.

It’s a passion and for people that appreciate the life that this offers, it’s a dream come true. But for it to work the way that it should, that person needs to benefit from all the sweat that they put in.

It is equally important to know that each studio would reflect their town and would be its own unique ship. People in different neighborhoods need different things and it takes a person from that neighborhood to know and offer this.

Of course, the business environment is ridiculously crowded and inexperience can cost you everything.

So, after long consideration, we want to share what we do by licensing affiliate studios.

* You own and operate your studio. We license the name CORE 95 and grant a territory. There is an annual license fee and that’s it – no percentage of profits or other payments.

Core 95 is officially trademarked in the United States and soon to be internationally.

* You run your studio according to your vision. We trained (or will train) you in our interview process for Barre and Fusion Fitness teachers as well as our teacher trainings. We tell you what works in the form of a starting and expanding schedule and schematic build out. You take that knowledge and spirit in the direction you need to, to do what’s best for your studio. *We offer a template of success for you to adapt to your studio, in your neighborhood.

Here are some additional details:

What is an Affiliate Studio?
An Affiliate studio is a location that is officially licensed by Core 95 to use our name, feature our methods and benefit from our pool of resources! * Core 95 is trademarked by the United States and cannot be legally used without our consent. A licensing agreement is created for each location. * Our pool of resources includes access to our trained instructors, benefiting from our social media presence and listing on our website as well as notifications sent to our large and ever growing member list!
How is the Affiliate Program different from a franchise?
A franchise represents enormous expense, well beyond what revenue most studios are capable of generating. High initial investment and a monthly percentage pay out are the norm in such agreements. In addition, there are very detailed and heavily regulated rules that must be followed, greatly limiting a studio owner from serving a community’s individual needs… For instance, a sandwich-shop franchise is not permitted to serve pizza, no matter what the demand in the neighborhood may be. Our Affiliate Program is paid for through an annual fee of $5000.00 and guarantees that each owner has complete freedom to offer what types of classes they deem fit, to set their own pricing and to run sales and operate in the way that gives them the greatest chance of success.
Are the locations “connected”?
Each studio is operated independently and finances are completely separate. Because of this, classes purchased at one location cannot be valid at another.
What constitutes an official agreement?
Our agreements are legal documents to be reviewed by each owner and their attorneys.
Are rights to exclusive territories assigned?
Yes. Each agreement will detail the territory that each studio has the exclusive right to operate within. Each territory is determined according to location and will differ due to population density and demand.
Are locations able to offer different classes, service or products?
Yes. Every owner has complete freedom to offer different types of classes, methods, services and products.
Does each Affiliate Studio have access to general information regarding building and running studios?
Yes. We’ve gathered a great deal of information over the past years and we are happy to share it! Many questions during the process of opening can be asked and answered quickly and easily. For initial meetings or projects requiring greater lengths of time and detail, we will book an appointment at an extremely reasonable rate. Keep in mind that each location is different: Building owners and property managers have different rules, counties have different laws and some spaces require different types of heating, ventilation requirements and parking rules. Each space is unique!
Are there other benefits to joining the CORE 95 family!
Yes! Access to our recognizable name. In a world as competitive as ours is, having an instantly and positively recognized name is a huge step up! - Instant presence on our website, social media mentions and communications with our clients. Starting from scratch building an email list is tough, as is trying to get a client’s attention in a sea of competing studios. Kicking off your studio opening knowing that many thousands of people already know about you is a massive advantage. If you are interested in opening a new Core 95 location, or converting a current studio into a Core 95 Studio, please go to the contact page and email us for more info! Namaste, Kelly & Shannon